Usually troubleshooting of laser cutting engraving system

1)The laser is on and off at work    
1.Check whether the water cycle is ok
2.whether the supply voltage is stabilize
Method :
1.Clean the water tank and water pump,clear the pipe
2.Add voltage stabilize to power supply

2)Theonline data can’t be disposed
1.whether the communication cable is connected
2.whether the software USB is  installed
Method :
1.Shutdown and reconnect the cable
2.Reinstall the software and USB drive

3)Processing size does not  consistent with software set
1.Install the software
2.Adjust action
1.install the original software torecover original parameters
2.sized the working area and trim size .calculate refer to software

4)The control panel no light
1.Line is loose
Check whether the connecting line is loose  from main board to panel
If Boot reset is limited
There is  problem of limit switch and signal
Check parameter of software and limit switch setting
If Carving dislocation
1Electrostatic interference
2Drive parts is loose
1.Reconnect ground wire two meters below ground
2.Check if the gear top silk and strap is loose


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