USA Hypertherm Powermax Error 0-30

0-30 error a common problem with Powermax series plasma power supplies. When encounter  0-30 error, first distinguish whether the specific alarm number is 0-30-0 or 0-30-1.

0-30-0 means that the electrode and the nozzle are not in contact after the start signal is received. When encountering this alarm, we can check according to the order of “Consumables >> Gas circuit and solenoid valve >> Arc ignition IGBT >> Torch cable”.

0-30-1 means that after receiving the start signal, the electrode and the nozzle are not separated, or the separation is not timely. When encountering this alarm, we can perform the detection in the order of “Consumables >> Gas Path”.

How to check the specific alarm number

When the Powermax series air plasma fails, an error code is displayed on the LCD screen. As shown in Figure 1 below, we can enter the service interface, get detailed fault codes, and then follow the instructions below to diagnose. As shown in the figure below, it is the 0-30-0 alarm.

Error 0-30-0

1.Consumables inspection

Check if the consumables are installed correctly according to the current cutting process, or replace with a new set of consumables (all consumables on the torch) to test.

Carefully inspect the contact surfaces of the torch body and electrode if damage or corrosion.

2.Air and Solenoid Valve Inspection

The blow test can help us detect air circuit failures easily. Press and hold two buttons at the same time to enter the service interface (as shown in the figure below), press the button on the right with one finger, move the cursor to “G”, then turn the current adjustment knob, when “G” is adjusted to 1, the solenoid valve is turned on (blow air), the solenoid valve is closed (stop blowing) when “G” is reset to 0.

When blowing, observe the second line of P readings, before the slash is the air pressure set value, after the slash is the actual air pressure value. See how much the actual value of P is (the actual value should be close to the set value). Judging according to the actual value:

If the actual value has been fluctuating and cannot be stable, and the solenoid valve is constantly exhausting, then there is a problem with the solenoid valve, please replace the solenoid valve.

If the actual value is always lower than the set value, it means that the external air supply pressure and flow is insufficient. Please check whether the air pipe is leaked, twisted or blocked, and whether the air filter is blocked or leaked.

If the actual value does not change, and the actual value also has a value when the air is not blown, then there is a problem with the gas pressure sensor, and the pressure sensor should be replaced.

Note: Poor gas quality, oil, impurities and moisture will greatly affect the life of the solenoid valve, causing the solenoid valve to be blocked, the sensitivity will be deteriorated, the closing is not strict, and it cannot be opened. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer must install a cold dryer and a three-stage filtration for the air circuit, and perform regular maintenance and replace the filter element.

3.Arc ignition IGBT detection

It can be tested with an IGBT tester, or you can manually short-circuit the IGBT for testing. Use a Ø6mm² wire to connect the double black wire and the positive wire. If the arc can not be started before, but the arc can be started normally after short-circuiting, then please replace the arc-starting IGBT. Note: It cannot be used for cutting after shorting here.

4.Torch cable internal cable continuity test

The torch cable can be checked according to the figure below, remove the consumables, and measure the connection point of the negative pole of the red wire on the power board to the connection point of the electrode, nozzle and negative pole on the torch body to the connection point of the nozzle and electrode on the torch body whether it is turned on. If the measurement does not pass, replace the torch lead.

Note: Sometimes it is necessary to unplug the arc voltage sampling line connected to the machine to test whether there is still a 0-30 error.


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