The wide application of laser —Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technology is a science and technology system based on discrete accumulation principle and driven by three-dimensional data. Based on different classification principles and understanding methods, additive manufacturing technology also has a variety of appellations, such as rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, 3D printing, and so on. Its connotation is still deepening, and its extension is also expanding. The meaning of “additive manufacturing” here is the same as that of “rapid prototyping” and “rapid manufacturing”.

Am technology does not need traditional tools and clamps and multi-process processes. It can quickly and precisely manufacture any complex shape of parts on a single equipment, thus realizing the “free manufacturing” of parts, solving the forming of many complex structural parts, greatly reducing the processing process and shortening the processing cycle. Moreover, the more complex the product structure, the more significant the speed of production.

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