MOPA Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine has overwhelming advantages as below:Fast marking speed.Lower power consumption.Long life time. You can click this picture to check it : If You Have Any Questions,Please Contact To Us: Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd Add:No.78, Xinshuini Rd., Ganjingzi Dist., Dalian City,116033, China Cell/ WhatsApp / Wechat:+86-159 4081 6686 Tel:+86 411 62661646  […]

Honeybee CNC held a Live Show on October.19,2021.

Dear Customers, Tomorrow We held a Live Show for the subject “New one !! Mopa Laser Marking Machine” Show date: Oct.19, 2021 Beijing Time: 7:00–7:30 New York Time:19:00–19:30,Oct.18, 2021 Chile Time: 19:00–19:30,Oct.18, 2021 Sydney Time: 10:00–10:30,Oct.19, 2021 You can click […]