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After sale service procedure:
Common Tips on maintance Laser and Plasma Cutting Mchines:
Laser and Water Cooler Protection Precautions on Holiday
When you are enjoying the holidays, don’t forget to also give the laser and water cooler a vacation. The protection of the laser and water cooler before the holiday can not be ignored, especially the precautions for water discharge and power failure of the equipment to avoid restarting after the holiday.
Water chiller protection before the festival
1. Be sure to drain the cooling water of the laser and water cooler cleanly to prevent the cooling water from icing and damaging the equipment when the machine is stopped. Even the antifreeze must be drained clean, because most of the antifreeze contains corrosive components. It is not recommended to be stored in the device for a long time.
2. Disconnect the equipment from the power supply to avoid accidents when unattended.
Water cooling machine restart mode
1. Inject a specified amount of cooling water into the water cooler and reconnect the power cable;
2. If during the holidays, the device is in an environment above 5 ° C, confirm that there is no freezing, the device can be directly adjusted to the power-on state;
3. If the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, leave it for a period of time after adding cooling water, or use a warm air device to blow the internal pipes of the water cooler for a period of time, confirm that there is no freezing, and then turn on the device;
4. Note that when the laser and water cooler are refilled with water for the first time, the flow may be low due to air in the pipe, and then a water flow alarm will occur. If this occurs, please use the exhaust hole of the pump to exhaust the water cycle or Restart the pump several times at 10-20 second intervals.
Laser power off method
In order to ensure the safety of the holiday equipment, the AC power of the laser needs to be disconnected to avoid the impact and damage to the laser caused by the unstable or abnormal fluctuation of the grid voltage when the plant is first powered on.
1) The laser is turned off according to the correct operation steps: turn off the [Start button] → turn off the key switch → turn off the power → turn off the water chiller (note: the water chiller is turned on first after turning on the water);
2) Disconnect AC power:
❖ If the laser is equipped with a dedicated AC circuit breaker as required, please ensure that the circuit breaker is in the open state;
❖ If there is no special circuit breaker, please disconnect the AC power supply of the cutting machine, or directly disconnect the AC power cable of the laser.
Wish you have a happy and healthy holiday and come back with full power after holiday!