Robot cut down the cost for thick steel plate bevel cutting

The traditional thick steel bevel cutting use 2D CNC cutting machine, with oxy-fuel cutting mode. It can only do direct line bevel, the cutting angles also are limited.
If want to do unlimited rotary bevel cutting, we have to adopt imported bevel control technology and parts, also adopt imported high capacity plasma power source. The whole set of eqiupment cost is unaffordable to many medium and small size enterprises. So the application is not wide.
We match robot with oxy-fuel cutting, to realize thick steel bevel cutting at lower cost, and unlimited angels, which made a good foundation for the next production process. The whole set equipment composed of Robot body, controller, built-in oxy-fuel torch, feed and load tray, 3D locating sensor, position camera, electromagnetic chuck. It has been approved that Robot bevel cutting enjoys favourable cost and ideal cutting result, it is a wisdom choice for thick steel bevel cutting.

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