Qixi Festival – Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today is July 7th of the lunar calendar, the Chinese Valentine’s Day . Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. wishes you a happy holiday and a happy family.
















Qixi is a very romantic traditional festival and has a beautiful legend. According to legend, the Niulang’s parents died prematurely, often abused by the brothers, and accompanied by an old cow. The old cow feels kind to him, teaches him face to face, teaches him how to marry a fairy girl, Zhinv. One day, the fairies went to the Yin River to bathe, and the Niulang hiding in the dark suddenly took away the colorful clothes of Zhinv. The horrified fairy godmother flew away, leaving only Zhinv. Under the pleading of Niulang, Zhinv promised to be his wife. After the marriage, they lived a happy life of male plow female weave, and they loved each other. After one year, they have a boy and a girl. Before the old cow died, it asked Niulang leave its skin and put it on for help in case of a disaster. After the old cow died, the couple reluctantly stripped the cowhide and buried the old cow on the hillside.
















The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother knew that Zhinv and Niulang had become close relatives, and immediately turned to the gods to capture Zhinv. Niulang went home without seeing Zhinv, hurriedly put on the cowhide and carried a pair of children to chase. Seeing that it is necessary to catch up with Zhinv, the Queen Mother of the Queen pulled out the golden plaque on her head and waved to the Yin River. The shallow rivers of the past have become a wave of time, and Niulang and Zhinv were separated on both sides of the Yin River. From then on, Niulang and Zhinv were tearful and looked across the river. Later, the Queen Mother gave permission to meet Niulang and Zhinv on July 7 each year. Then the world magpies fly to the sky to bridge Niulang and Zhinv, which is called the Magpies Bridge Meeting. It is said that when the Qixi night is quiet, people can hear the words of Niulang and Zhinv in the sky under the grape rack or other melons.

Dalian Honeybee CNC is wishing you a happy family and good luck.

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