Portable Gantry Cnc Plasma Flame Cutting Machine Price


Warranty:1 Year

After-sales Service Provided:Online support/Free spare parts/Field installation, commissioning and training/Field maintenance and repair service/Video technical support


Product Description:

This Portable Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine equipment with digital program control. In addition to automated cutting, it has high cutting precision, high material utilization, and high production efficiency. Along with the mechanical electronic technology and computer technology progress, the CNC cutting machine with its good man-machine dialogue operation interface, powerful auxiliary support function, and relative low equipment investment, is being valued by more and more enterprises and more widely used in production. It can be widely used in car, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, engineering machinery, a hardware company, light industrial machinery, and other industries. Suitable for cutting metal sheets, such as the carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, aluminum, copper (plasma). It particularly applies to a single piece with abnormity surface and the mass production.

Machine Model:HNPG-2530FP                                                Input Voltage:220V/110V

Power Supply Frequency:50HZ / 60HZ                                    Rated Power Supply:300W

LCD Display Dimension:7 Inches                                             Cutting Speed:0-6000mm/min

Effective Cutting Width (X axis): 2500mm                              Effective Cutting Length (Y axis):≤3000mm

Plasma Cutting Thickness:Depend on Plasma Source           Flame Cutting Thickness:5-160mm

Plasma Air:Only pressed Air                                                        Cross Beam Length:3200mm

Longitudinal Rail Length:3700mm                                             Longitudinal Rail Width:345mm

Plasma Air Pressure:Max. 0.8Mpa

Details of the Gantry portable CNC cutter:

portable gantry CNC plasma cutter
Host machine of CNC cutter

Fangling Controller

Build-in 48 different shape

Loading Cutting File By USB

Easy to use

Anti-Collisiton Device

To protect Your Cutting head when plate is not flat

Fanling 1621 controller

Torch Height Controller High sensentive torch height control, automatic torch height control, torch will go up and down when plate not flat


Main machine

Case:690X530X490 (mm), 38KG

Longitudinal rails, cross beam, flame torch, cables and other accessories

Case:2800X480X280 (mm), 80KG


We are manufacture for more than 15 years.Our Honeybee brand CNC cutting products include Portable Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machines,

Gantry CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machines,Pipe cutting machines, Bench Type CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machines,

Multi-head Straight-line Flame Cutting Machines, Bevel cutting machines,Fiber laser and YAG Laser cutting machines,Automatic Welding equipment and so on.

After receiving deposit,it’s about 7 days for factory production,and 10-25 days for shipment,so it will take altogether 30 days.

Customers do full payment before shipment,T/T.

1st, we control the quality from the first and only choose both branded and good performance parts for the machines, do
inspection before enter into warehouse; 2nd, we have strict and normative procedures during the process;
3rd, every set of Honeybee CNC machines tested according to our inspection report before leave factory;
4th, Honeybee CNC is an old and famous brand in China cutting industry since 2008.

Contact To Us:

Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Email:  sale@honeybeecnc.cn
Mobilephone/whatsapp: +86-15940816686
Office add: Rm1104, Bldg 2, Hongxing Intl. Sq., Ganjingzi Dist., Dalian City, 116033, China
Factory add: No. 217, Youyi Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, 116199, Liaoning Province, China



Additional information

Weight 224 kg
Dimensions 3800 × 500 × 610 mm
Cutting mode

Plasma cutting,flame cutting ,plasma and flame cutting



Motor Type




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