Honeybee CNC mini portable cutting machine -Minibee

This industrial CNC portable plasma cutting machine can cut any complex profiles on metals, which reduces machining again and improves productivity. It supports both plasma cutter and oxy-fuel cutting.With its USB port, the data transmission from a PC is as easy as downloading photos from a digital camera.After-sales Service Provided:Online support/Free spare parts/Field installation, commissioning and training/Field maintenance and repair service/Video technical support


CNC portable plasma cutter-Minibee


1.Good Working stability, high frequency interfere effectively  plasma, lightweight portable;

2.Support two cutting ways of flame and plasma;

3.Economic benefits, the structure and design is contracted. it adopts humanistic positive

man-machine conversation and operate easily;

4.Cutting has high quality, high effect level, high precision;

5.Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc;

6.Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn. Can convert CAD file to program file in

computer, through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds’ graphs.

And also can program and operate directly on the machine.

7.English and Chinese interface can free to convert;

8.Pre-sale will train and after-sale will track service.

minibee CNC portable cutter

minibee CNC portable cutter

Working video:


It is compact design and lightweight, small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors.
The FastCAM programming software is easily learned and supports both drawing and nesting.

Bluebee Portable CNC plasma cutting machine/CNC plasma cutter/CNC cutting machine parameters:

Model HNP-1525 HNP-1530 HNP-1525 HNP-1530
Plasma THC Flame Flame With Plasma
Effective Cutting Range (X*Y) 1.5*2.5m 1.5*3.3mm 1.5*2.5mm 1.5*3.0mm
X*Y axis Track Size (m)  2.2*3.0m 2.2*3.5m 2.2*3.0m  2.2*3.5m
Torch Height Control Style Motor Drive/ Flame THC Plasma THC
Input Power Single Phase AC 220V
Approximately 200W
Cutting Modes Plasma Cutting (Working with plasma generator) and Flame Cutting replacement used
Transmission Style Rack And Gear
Motor Style 86 Series Step Motor
Moving Speed(m) A:  ( model-classical)0 – 6m / min      B:  (model-standard)0-3m/min
Torch Lifting Distance (Z) ≤100mm
Working Precision ± 0.2 mm / meter
Flame (Gas) Cutting Thickness Piercing Capacity: 5- 60mm;           Edge Start: 5 -160mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness Depends on the cutting capacity of the Plasma Generator
Flame Auto Igniter Optional Unavailable
Gas Pressure Acetylene Gas or Propane Gas Max 0.1Mpa
Oxygen Pressure Oxygen Gas Max 0.7Mpa
Cutting Table Separated with main machine.Cutting table will be optional supplied.


It can cut metal plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc.

It is a replacement of hand-held flame torch, hand-held plasma cutter, profile and pantographic shape cutting machines.

Cut samples:

Product Category:Laser Cutting Machine / Laser Marking Machine / Plasma Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Packing & Delivery:



Q: What material can the machine cut?
A: all kinds of metal plate, includes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Zinc etc.

Q: what’s the lead time or delivery time?
A: 5-7 days for the CNC portable cutter

Q: what’s Warranty for these items?
A: 12 months for free spare parts

Q:How to ship

A:Usually these items can be send by sea ,by air and  by train.

Or you can tell us the following info, we’ll suggest you the proper model.

  1. Cutting material.
  2. Cutting thickness. Max and min.
  3. Cutting size of the plate (Length, width).
  4. Manual cutting or mechnized cutting?
  5. Your requirement of cutting quality or your industry lines: advertisement ,hardware,shipyard,kitchenware or other industry.
  • For detailed questions,could you write or call us direclty.


Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Email:  sale@honeybeecnc.cn
Mobilephone/whatsapp: +86-15940816686
Office add: Rm 913, No.7 Block, Hongxing Intl. Square, Ganjingzi Dist.,Dalian City, 116033, China
Factory add: No. 217, Youyi Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, 116199, Liaoning Province, China



Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 2420 × 300 × 230 mm

Metal cutting

Cutting material

Carbon Steel, mild steel,iron

Cutting mode


Cutting thickness(flame)


Cutting thickness (plasma)

Depends on plasma source

Speed Adjusting Range


LCD Dimension

7.0 Inches


Motorize torch lifting

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