Precautions for installation and disassembly of fiber laser cutting performance


1. After the laser is placed in the designated detection area, the hardware control connection between the machine tool and the laser is performed.

2. Ensure the cleanliness of the cutting head and the lens of the jumper output head, and there should be no dust on the inner lens.

3. Connect the jumper output part of the laser to the cutting head and install it on the machine tool.

4. Connect the jumper output head and cutting head waterway and other connecting lines.

5. Turn on the waterway and circuit, and the laser can be turned on if there is no abnormality.


Adjust the process parameters (cutting speed, cutting air pressure, focus position, nozzle size, cutting height, perforation parameters, perforation air pressure, blowing delay, light output delay, etc.), according to the detection requirements of different power lasers for different lasers Cutting test of thick plates.


1. Turn off the laser, circuit, and waterway.

2. Remove the cutting head and the jumper output head, and clean the remaining water stains on the jumper output head.

3. Disassemble the connection part between the laser and the control line of the machine tool.

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