MFSQ-500W / 2500W QCW quasi-continuous fiber laser

MFSQ-500/2500W single-mode quasi-continuous fiber laser is a high-efficiency, high-reliability, maintenance-free high-power laser developed by Chuangxin Laser. It adopts water cooling and has a wavelength range of 1080 nm. Chuangxin Laser MFSQ-500/2500W single-mode quasi-continuous fiber laser belongs to Class 4 (Class 4) laser products. The design and testing of the product have fully considered safety.


1.High power and high quality laser output
Output power up to 500W, high electro-optical conversion efficiency

2.Mode switchable
Can switch between pulse and continuous mode, and simultaneously handle the processing tasks of two different lasers in the past

3.High photoelectric conversion efficiency
The electro-optical conversion rate is more than 30%

4.Diverse compatibility
High pulse power, stable energy, and high peak power

5.Convenient integration
Can be directly integrated into user equipment

6.Wide range of applications
The cutting speed is faster, the welding thickness and material are wider, and it can meet 3C fine welding and metal/non-metal fine cutting at the same time

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