MFMC-6000W-20000W multimode continuous fiber laser

Compatible with welding and cutting, applied in the fields of hardware, medical treatment, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, engineering machinery and so on.

Chuangxin Laser 6000W-20000W multi-mode continuously adopts water cooling method, modular design, compact structure, highly integrated system, maintenance-free, and high reliability. The laser power is continuously adjustable, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the beam quality is high, and the laser stability is high. It is an ideal laser source for thick plate laser cutting, laser welding, laser cladding, surface heat treatment and other applications. 6000W-8000W uses optical fiber with QBH head output, 10000W-20000W uses optical fiber with LOE head output, which can be used with laser processing heads, galvanometers, etc. for system integration with robots, machine tools, etc., widely used in hardware, medical, automotive, ship, aviation, Construction machinery and other fields.

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