Laser Welding Technology

In recent years, the production and manufacturing technology of hardware bathroom products has been continuously innovated. The application of optical laser technology in hardware bathroom products includes welding, marking and cutting. Laser welding has high aspect ratio in the welding of hardware and bathroom products, welding seam width, heat affected zone, small deformation, and fast welding speed; the welding seam is flat and beautiful, and no treatment or simple treatment process is required after welding; the welding seam quality is high , No pores, high welding strength; can be precisely controlled, easy to achieve automation; can achieve welding between certain dissimilar materials. Laser marking on hardware bathroom products has good permanence, strong activity, safety and environmental protection, simple operation and wide range of applicable materials. The cutting of laser cutting on hardware and bathroom products can complete the cutting of plates of any shape, with fast processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, high cutting accuracy, smooth section, no stress deformation, no need for secondary processing, and improved yield and reduced cost.

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