Laser Cutting Technology

Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting is one of the most important cutting technologies in the laser processing industry. Laser cutting technology is an important part of laser processing technology, and it is also one of the more advanced cutting processes recognized in the world. With the continuous development of social production and the continuous progress of industrial processing technology, laser cutting technology is also developing and progressing rapidly. effect.

China has gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center, and the demand for metal processing is increasing. In the metal processing industry, electrical control boxes, machine casings, etc. are generally sheet metal parts, so the demand for sheet metal processing capacity is also increasing. , the complexity of the process is also relatively high, and even some parts have dozens of processes, which also puts forward higher requirements for sheet metal processing in terms of precision.

Traditional sheet metal processing includes cutting, blanking and bending processes. The blanking process requires a lot of molds and wastes a lot of time and capital costs.

Laser cutting is an efficient and high-quality flexible processing technology. Laser sheet metal processing does not require molds. Compared with traditional processing methods, it is simpler to operate, more flexible, and has lower operation and maintenance costs.

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