How to protect laser in summer? Let’s see what I can do

When summer comes, the temperature rises and the rainfall is frequent. At the same time, we also remind you to give the laser a suitable environment to spend the continuous rainy season and hot days.

When the laser cooling water temperature is set lower than the dew point temperature, condensation is likely to occur. Condensation will damage the electrical and optical components of the laser, and even cause the component failure. In order to avoid condensation, the environmental conditions of the laser must be within a certain limit.

Environmental requirements:
1. The working temperature of the laser is 10 ℃ – 40 ℃;
2. Humidity of laser working environment: 10% – 80%;
3. Avoid condensation when the laser is working.


How to prevent laser condensation?
1. The ambient temperature of the independent space where the laser is placed is lower than 35 ℃;
2. The humidity of the independent space where the laser is placed is lower than 60%;
3. It is suggested that the equipment cabinet should be sealed and installed with industrial air conditioner to keep constant temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, which can effectively avoid condensation of laser;
4. If the conditions permit, a separate air-conditioned room should be built for high-power laser, which can effectively avoid condensation;
5. When the ambient temperature and humidity are too high, there will be about 30 minutes of dehumidification process when the laser is turned on, which is normal. Restart the laser after the condensation alarm is removed;
5. The cooling water temperature requirement of QBH interface of laser is relatively loose. The chiller with double temperature and double control can appropriately adjust the set water temperature higher than the dew point, but the set water temperature should not be higher than 30 ℃;
6. When the equipment is out of service, please shut down the laser and water cooler at the same time.


How to deal with laser condensation?
1. If the laser is found to have condensation, it should be shut down immediately;
2. Wipe the condensation water on the shell of the laser, and start the laser after the condensation phenomenon is completely eliminated;
3. Reduce the temperature and humidity of the environment to the required area.


Laser protection on rainy days in summer:

There are many thunderstorms in summer. In order to avoid damage to the laser in rainstorm days, please disconnect the main power supply of the laser, and cushion the electric control cabinet, laser and water cooler to prevent huge maintenance costs caused by soaking in water. For the low-lying workshop, it is necessary to arrange personnel on duty to do a good job in flood control and waterlogging prevention, so as to reduce property losses as much as possible. If the equipment is involved in water, do not power on the test blindly

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