How to deal with the rusty water worktable for metal cutting?

Many manufacturers use water worktable for cnc plasma cutting machine to reduce the smoke and dust. But they will also find the water cnc plasma table get rusty soon.
How to deal with the rusty water worktable? Below is some tips for cnc metal cutting machine owners or operators.
1. Use rust-proof base coat, and the paint film thickness shall not be less than 150um; (Spray once with a thickness of about 80um, and generally spray twice)
2. Pay attention not to destroy the paint film in the process of use, once damaged, the overall paint will be destroyed soon;
3. Due to customers are in heavy industry, it is unavoidable that there will be some bumps in the process of use, so reduce water changing times and use fresh water;
4. Pay attention if the water tank is rusty when change water, if rusty, deal with it timely;
5. Put active metals such as zinc blocks in the tank to slow down the water tank corrosion speed (high cost, not recommended)

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