How to cut H,V,T section and square tube by robot faster ?

Lately one customer from Australia inquire about H beam cutting machine.He wondering if we could provide a equipment to cut the H,V,beam and square tube and have  also have marks on the parts interface by laser. Before, he have them cut by a saw machine which is very slowly and waste plenty of time.

How to cut H,V,T section and square tube with a fast speed way and make it high effective ?

We know mostly customers will have them cut by teaching type robot, but it takes long time for teaching ,also it is not suitable for multi different parts job .If customer want to cut different complex parts,this almost can not satisfy their work and could not reach customers’ expectation. So how to solve this problem ?

Below is our solution to slove this problem .Now his factory have high working efficiency which makes his company is more competitive compare to other manufacturer.

Have H,V,T section and square tube cut by robot.

1.Have H,V,T section and square parts drawing nest by Hypertherm robotmaster.

2.Then have them nest in LS ,TP format that can be read by Robot.

3.Then the products will cut by H beam automatic Fiber laser or plasma cutting robot.

This is almost the high effective way to have above parts cutted.

Nesting time takes about 5-10 minutes which is much faster than teaching type robot.


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