Good cutting quality in metal laser cut.

Burr and slag are very common when cutting metal. How to how t them and have a high cutting quality, here are some tips for you:

1.Check if any problem with laser output, check if the laser dot is a circle – a circle laser dot means an even lateral distribution, therefore it means the laser energy formed by laser light pass though the laser lens will be more even distributed, and therefore will have a better cutting quality.

2. Check if any contamination on laser lens, protection lens or mirror(s) in the light path.
Check if there is any tiny crack on mirrors. Contamination or a crack will have big influence to laser power transmission .. please use finger stall, medical or cotton gloves when inspecting, do not make contact the lens or mirror(s) with hands directly.

3. If use cutting gas like oxygen or nitrogen, please check the purity of the gas.
If the purity of gas is not good/clean, it will also lead to bad cutting quality.

Equipment condition + purity of gas + cutting parameter settings these are the main three factors that will work together to determine the cutting quality of your machine. Please pay attention to each of them.

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