Gantry CNC Cutting Machine Is Delivered

On June.2th,2018,our Honeybee gantry cnc cutting machine was delivered, which was the order of our Philippine customer. The order lasted more than 20 days, and finally declared for export on June 2.

About Our honeybee gantry cnc cutting machine,the model is HBS-3000X12000X2+1A,it can cut size 2400mm width and 10500mm length(the length can be extended).This cutting size is much more bigger than normal portable CNC cutting machines, moreover, it can equip bigger plasma up to 200A.

At present, honeybee gantry CNC cutting machine is one of the best-selling in foreign markets,we still have two machines in production now,which are sold to Malaysia and Greece respectively.

Our mission:Provide the best metal working solution for customers.

gantry cutting machine

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