Customer from Mexico

Lately Honeybee export a unit high precise cnc plasma cutting machine Hypertherm HPR130XD  to Mexico.
It is use Hypertherm True hole technology and helped customer improved work effiency.
Meanwhile to make sure this cnc cutting machine working in good condition,Honeybee send engineer there for training.
Cutomer is very happy with the cutting performance.

CNC plasma cutting machine mexico ture hole cutting

(Machine pictures)

cnc cutting equipment mexico

(Sales manager Sandra with customer)

Hypertherm HPR130XD projetct1 for CNC plasma cutting equipment_副本

(HPR 130XD plasma supply)

Microedgepro built-in shapes Spanish_

(Hypertherm Micro Edge-pro with Hypertherm pronest 2016)

cutting samplesplasma cutting parts

(True hole cutting samples)

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