Honeybee at the 23rd Essen welding and cutting fair

Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.  was established in 2003, our company in plasma CNC cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, welding robot ,CNC pipe cutting machine and other fields with high technical level.

Our company will provide you with the highest quality products and best prices .

Our company exhibited at the 23rd Beijing Essen fair in Dongguan, Guangdong from May 8th to 11th, 2018, and exhibited two sets welding robots, one set cutting robot and ...

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The 23rd Essen welding and cutting fair

HoneybeeCNC will attend 2018Essen Fair in Dongguan Guangdong, China from May 8th to May 11st, 2018.

HoneybeeCNC always has innovative machines on Essen Fair.

We sincerely invite you to have a fresh look.

Time: May 8th -May 11st,2018
Booth No: 3B661, Hall 3 ,Area B.
Exhibit machines:
2 unit Welding robot with laser tracking device
1 unit Fiber laser cutting machine
1 unit CNC portable cutting machine.

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Plasma Cutting Machine Maintenance (Ⅰ)

Plasma Cutting Machine Maintenance (Ⅰ)


According to Murphy's law, plasma cutters will always fail when you need it most-usually when cutting large plates. Full-load operation of the cutting machine every hour of downtime, the resulting loss of up to 200 dollars.


Many workshops do not develop regular preventative maintenance plans for their plasma cutting systems. After months of neglect of maintenance, the cutter will no longer work as designed. The mechanical parts will wear out prematurely, causing the machine to move smoothly. ...

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Precautions when fiber laser CNC cutting machine cut round hole

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machines, more and more customers begin to use laser cutting machines to cut round holes.Laser cutting machine not only cuts smooth section, but also the aperture can be changed, flexible processing, is the choice of cutting round hole.


However, using a laser machine to cut round holes is not as simple as thought. Now Honeybee CNC will give you a simple analysis of possible problems and considerations on cutting round hole problems.

1.Round hole is too ...

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Characteristics of Three Kinds of Common Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machine is now mainly divided into CO2 laser, YAG solid state laser and fiber laser cutting machine. These three kinds of laser cutting machines have their own characteristics in production. Now, we compare the characteristics of three common laser cutting machines from several aspects.


laser cutting machine


1.Operation requirements and maintenance

The CO2 laser needs to adjust the optical path before use. The ...

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What's The Difference Between The Single-mode And Multimode Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the core component in laser cutting machine, has a great influence on cutting effect of laser cutting machine .When choosing a laser cutting machine, need to consider what is the mode of module integration of fiber laser?

Module composition is divided into single mode and multimode fiber laser, in cutting applications, focused light spot has a great influence on the quality of cutting , single-mode laser fiber core is thinner, beam quality is better than that of multimode, energy ...

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Factors to Consider While Buying Plasma Cutting Machine and Its Benefits

Plasma cutting machines are used by a number of industries to cut steel or other metals of different thickness. There are several companies selling such machines in the market at different price points and all of them advertise about their quality and affordability. However, plasma cutters don’t come cheap and you should consider a number of factors before finalizing the purchase. While inspecting various offerings by different companies, pay attention to the following factors to take a wise decision.

Thickness of ...

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The 22th Beijing Welding & cutting fair

The  top 2 world welding and cutting fair------Beijing Welding & cutting fair will held in Shanghai from Jun27-Jun30,2017.
We Honeybee booth number is E7736We will launch 3 new model automatic robot:
1.Cross type automatic welding machine.
2.AGV welding robot.
3. Self moving model robot .
New model machine will improve your work effciency much.
We are very looking forward to see you here to talking about our new model robot.
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Three main laser cutting technology

In recent years, innovative laser technology makes people the advantages of laser cutting aluminum were assessed, the laser cutting process can be faster processing consistency of parts, it is higher than the efficiency of conventional machining, laser cutting technology will greatly reduce machining time and production costs.

Currently on the market can cut aluminum laser cutting equipment is divided into three categories, namely carbon dioxide laser cutting machinetting , fiber laser cumachine, lamp-pumped laser cutting machine.

Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, its ...

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