Laser Welding Technology

In recent years, the production and manufacturing technology of hardware bathroom products has been continuously innovated. The application of optical laser technology in hardware bathroom products includes welding, marking and cutting. Laser welding has high aspect ratio in the welding […]

Laser Cutting Technology

Laser Cutting Technology: Laser cutting is one of the most important cutting technologies in the laser processing industry. Laser cutting technology is an important part of laser processing technology, and it is also one of the more advanced cutting processes […]

USA Hypertherm Powermax Error 0-30

0-30 error a common problem with Powermax series plasma power supplies. When encounter  0-30 error, first distinguish whether the specific alarm number is 0-30-0 or 0-30-1. 0-30-0 means that the electrode and the nozzle are not in contact after the […]

New designed open steel frame and ventilation system–Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine New designed open steel frame and ventilation system, connected laser source and laser head for customers, cleaner environment, lower fault. You can click here to check it: Contact To Us: Dalian Honeybee CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd Add:No.78, Xinshuini […]

How to do plasma cutting?

How to operate plasma cutting machine and THC? Honeybee CNC operation video help you. We supply oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting machine.