Honeybee CNC held a Live Show on October.19,2021.

Dear Customers, Tomorrow We held a Live Show for the subject “New one !! Mopa Laser Marking Machine” Show date: Oct.19, 2021 Beijing Time: 7:00–7:30 New York Time:19:00–19:30,Oct.18, 2021 Chile Time: 19:00–19:30,Oct.18, 2021 Sydney Time: 10:00–10:30,Oct.19, 2021 You can click […]


In order to enable customers to receive the goods as soon as possible, and to ensure the quality of each machine, our workers are working.

Honeybee CNC held a Live Show dated June.16,2021.

On this Live Show, we displayed Plasma Power Source. We have time limited offers waiting for you.If you want to know more specific information, please click this link to watch our live playback, remember to follow us, so that we […]