Updates for Economical Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

We updated the Economical Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine in 3 parts:
1st, Cross beam material, use more durable steel cross beam to replace the aluminum alloy one.
2nd, Rack: use helical tooth rack to replace the straight tooth rack.
3rd, Separate torch trolleys, when use oxy-fuel cutting, put the plasma torch holder to another end, thus protects the plasma torch and prolongs its life. Continue Reading →

Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine

Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine:


1, the air pressure is too low or too high, adjust the air pressure;

2. Burn the electrode or nozzle in the torch, replace the electrode or nozzle;

3, input AC voltage is too low, adjust the input voltage

4, cutting ground and workpiece contact is not bad, re-clamping or replacement

5, cutting movement speed is too slow, adjust the cutting speed

6, spark discharge electrical appliances can not automatically break the arc, normal discharge 0.5s, ...

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How to cut H,V,T section and square tube by robot faster ?

Lately one customer from Australia inquire about H beam cutting machine.He wondering if we could provide a equipment to cut the H,V,beam and square tube and have  also have marks on the parts interface by laser. Before, he have them cut by a saw machine which is very slowly and waste plenty of time.

How to cut H,V,T section and square tube with a fast speed way and make it high effective ?

We know mostly customers will have them cut by teaching ...

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Precautions when fiber laser CNC cutting machine cut round hole

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machines, more and more customers begin to use laser cutting machines to cut round holes.Laser cutting machine not only cuts smooth section, but also the aperture can be changed, flexible processing, is the choice of cutting round hole.


However, using a laser machine to cut round holes is not as simple as thought. Now Honeybee CNC will give you a simple analysis of possible problems and considerations on cutting round hole problems.

1.Round hole is too ...

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What's The Difference Between The Single-mode And Multimode Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the core component in laser cutting machine, has a great influence on cutting effect of laser cutting machine .When choosing a laser cutting machine, need to consider what is the mode of module integration of fiber laser?

Module composition is divided into single mode and multimode fiber laser, in cutting applications, focused light spot has a great influence on the quality of cutting , single-mode laser fiber core is thinner, beam quality is better than that of multimode, energy ...

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Troubleshooting of Portable CNC plasma cutting machines

9.5 CNC Controller Troubleshooting

Fault Symptoms Fault Check Fault Analysis Recommended Solutions
Suddenly breakdown in normal operation Always stop at the same position in every operation cycle a. Machining program at fault

b. CNC software at fault

Dispatch the software back to the manufacturer for professional troubleshooting.
The system still runs but the cutting torch stops abnormally along all axes or one axis. a The travel motor is locked.

b The travel motor fails.

Check if the machine is frozen and ...
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Usually troubleshooting of laser cutting engraving system

1)The laser is on and off at work    
1.Check whether the water cycle is ok
2.whether the supply voltage is stabilize
Method :
1.Clean the water tank and water pump,clear the pipe
2.Add voltage stabilize to power supply

2)Theonline data can’t be disposed
1.whether the communication cable is connected
2.whether the software USB is  installed
Method :
1.Shutdown and reconnect the cable
2.Reinstall the software and USB drive

3)Processing size does not  consistent with software set
1.Install the software
2.Adjust action
1.install the ...

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Notification for Spring Festival

China spring

Dear customers:

Thanks for your support during 2016.We wish you and your family have a happy and peaceful time,also business boom in year 2017.
We will be on holiday from 25th/January to 8th/February,2017 for our traditional holiday -China Spring Festival.
For urgent matter, kindly contact me at our mobile+86 15940816686 or email to sale@honeybeecnc.com or sale@honeybeecnc.cn.
Thanks and have a wonderfully great day ahead!

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