How to deal with the rusty water worktable for metal cutting?

Many manufacturers use water worktable for cnc plasma cutting machine to reduce the smoke and dust. But they will also find the water cnc plasma table get rusty soon.
How to deal with the rusty water worktable? Below is some tips for cnc metal cutting machine owners or operators.
1. Use rust-proof base coat, and the paint film thickness shall not be less than 150um; (Spray once with a thickness of about 80um, and generally spray twice)
2. Pay attention not to destroy ...
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Artistic Stainless steel

With the faster and faster development of science and technology,the perfect combination of advanced laser cutting technology and creative artists make the hard-cold stainless steel plate turn into a gorgeous piece of legendary exquisite works of art, riching our world in their own way.

Mikyoung Kim completed a series of landscape lighting designs at the public library of ocean county, New Jersey.This is a landscape lamp made of laser cutting stainless steel metal and glass, and a barcode pattern is adopted ...

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What's The Difference Between The Single-mode And Multimode Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the core component in laser cutting machine, has a great influence on cutting effect of laser cutting machine .When choosing a laser cutting machine, need to consider what is the mode of module integration of fiber laser?

Module composition is divided into single mode and multimode fiber laser, in cutting applications, focused light spot has a great influence on the quality of cutting , single-mode laser fiber core is thinner, beam quality is better than that of multimode, energy ...

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Factors to Consider While Buying Plasma Cutting Machine and Its Benefits

Plasma cutting machines are used by a number of industries to cut steel or other metals of different thickness. There are several companies selling such machines in the market at different price points and all of them advertise about their quality and affordability. However, plasma cutters don’t come cheap and you should consider a number of factors before finalizing the purchase. While inspecting various offerings by different companies, pay attention to the following factors to take a wise decision.

Thickness of ...

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Notification for Spring Festival

China spring

Dear customers:

Thanks for your support during 2016.We wish you and your family have a happy and peaceful time,also business boom in year 2017.
We will be on holiday from 25th/January to 8th/February,2017 for our traditional holiday -China Spring Festival.
For urgent matter, kindly contact me at our mobile+86 15940816686 or email to or
Thanks and have a wonderfully great day ahead!

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Honeybee innovating+ win-win model, accomplishments you and me

Decade of sword, since 2005 years, Honeybee as a brand business, after innovation management by Huarui CNC company, retailers hard work together, our Honeybee team, Forge a fairy tales of cnc cutting machines.

Innovation is the of Honeybee, from gantry cutter to portable cutter, Bring a comprehensive qualitative leap.
The order of Honyebee CNC in 2015 have a strong growth Under the condition of the overall an economic
slump.Outstanding performance is as below:

1. Dalian area

Responsibility system of project manager:after innovation, the ...

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Water film protection for aluminum cutting

Aluminum is easy Oxy-Genated when it in hot temperater,so when customers use plasma cutting for it.Aluminum need special protection.

Victor UC-300 is a kind of plasma that use water film technology for aluminum cutting to avoid its oxy-genated.

The new Ultra-Cut XT technology provides the next generation of higher productivity, increased
flexibility and confidence in high precision plasma cutting. Their performance will meet or beat
anyone on mild steel, and they are superior on non-ferrous metals. With the ability to grow
with ...

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