Good cutting quality in metal laser cut.

Burr and slag are very common when cutting metal. How to how t them and have a high cutting quality, here are some tips for you:

1.Check if any problem with laser output, check if the laser dot is a circle – a circle laser dot means an even lateral distribution, therefore it means the laser energy formed by laser light pass though the laser lens will be more even distributed, and therefore will have a better cutting quality.

2. Check if any contamination on laser lens, protection lens or mirror(s) in the light path.
Check if there is any tiny crack on mirrors. Contamination or a crack will have big influence to laser power transmission .. please use finger stall, medical or cotton gloves when inspecting, do not make contact the lens or mirror(s) with hands directly.

3. If use cutting gas like oxygen or nitrogen, please check the purity of the gas.
If the purity of gas is not good/clean, it will also lead to bad cutting quality.

Equipment condition + purity of gas + cutting parameter settings these are the main three factors that will work together to determine the cutting quality of your machine. Please pay attention to each of them.

Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2016.6.14-2016.6.17 Honeybee Booth No.,W1410

BeijingEssen Welding & Cutting Fair!
— Once you come, you will come every year!

Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair (BEW), which is co-sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), Welding Institution of CMES, China Welding Association (CWA), Welding Equipment Committee of CWA, German Welding Society (DVS) and Messe Essen GmbH, is one of the world’s two leading professional welding exhibitions. It attracts tens of thousands of professionals in welding industry (manufacturers, distributors, agents, research institutions, government departments, etc.) every year.

BEW has successfully held for 20 times, and the scale of it has expanded each time. Despite new exhibitors increasing, many famous exhibitors such as Lincoln, Panasonic, Golden Bridge, Kaiyuan Group, ABB, Beijing Time and so on, come regularly, which ensure the quality and standard of the fair. As for the 21st BEW, the gross exhibition area was 84,700 ㎡with over 900 exhibitors from 28 countries, among them, 189 exhibitors were from overseas. During the fair, 44,152 visitor entries from 49 countries and areas have come to visit the fair. The visitors are mainly from the machinery manufacturing, pressure vessels, automobile manufacturing, railway locomotives, oil pipelines, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace industrial sectors. Nearly 40 domestic and foreign professional journals, related exhibitions, websites have reported the fair.

As the largest and the most influential event, BEW provides a platform for domestic, as well as import and export trade all over the world. The 21th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair is to be held at New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on 14-17, June, 2016. Welcome your attention.


Honeybee will attend the 21th Beijing Welding and Cutting fair from 2016.6.14-2016.6.17 Booth Number W1410.

We Honeybee will release new type cnc cutting machines during the fair.

We sincerely hope your visiting.

Honeybee innovating+ win-win model, accomplishments you and me

Decade of sword, since 2005 years, Honeybee as a brand business, after innovation management by Huarui CNC company, retailers hard work together, our Honeybee team, Forge a fairy tales of cnc cutting machines.

Innovation is the of Honeybee, from gantry cutter to portable cutter, Bring a comprehensive qualitative leap.
The order of Honyebee CNC in 2015 have a strong growth Under the condition of the overall an economic
slump.Outstanding performance is as below:

1. Dalian area

Responsibility system of project manager:after innovation, the person in the production line change to be sales, in order to expand the market. After half year trial operation,they choice continue to be a sales and expend the market.
Team work: under responsibity system of project manager, 1 top sales manager, 2-3 sales assistant, small tam work, make the best use of the talents and strengths.

2. Internation market add new products again

After Portable cnc cutting machine opened the international market(Annual export about 400 sets), gantry type and table type cutter opend the international market successfully. Export quantity reached 50 sets in 2015, and show the market demands of the table type cutters.

3. Shandong area give us some constructive suggestions of product quality

More years, Shandong agency give company much confidence and some support, and give some constructive suggestions about the sales, quality.

4.HuNan,HuBei area have a Strong business development ability

They successful get a large amount order for Water jet cutter, expend a new sales market.

三. The direction of 2016

1. Continue to improve product quality, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of products

The core technology of CNC cutting machines: CNC numerical control systems and THC height controller, will be improved and enhanced. the original independent CNC, THC, PLC will be integrated will result in a more professional and more advanced embedded control technology . New technology makes the product more mature and stable, to simplify complex technology. Production and installation, maintenance, user training will be more easier. Now  just need two engineer to completed after-sales service instead of more than 20 people  after-sales team , which greatly saves the costs.

2.Product innovation and expansion

In the beginning of 2016, HoneybeeCNC introduced two new products,one is steel structure similar laser cutting machine which is have true dual drive axis which ensure the high precise and high cutting speed .Another is the table style cutting machine for thin plate cutting which is especially use for advertisement lines. Meanwhile, the company will intends to launch the laser cutting machine and related products.

(Similar laser plasma cutting machine)


(Thin plate plasma cutting tables)


honeybee table style cutting machine


What are the differences between plasma,flame and laser cutting

一. Difference on conception

CNC Flame cutting machine: it is a type cutting equipment that use gas with oxygen or gasoline in metal materials with oxygen cut.
CNC plasma cutting machine: a type cutting methods that use high temperature plasma arc quantity of heat to make the metal parts of the work piece slit or partial melting (and evaporation), and borrow the plasma momentum ruled out a molten metal to form a incision.
Laser cutting machine: emit the laser from optical maser, by light path system, focus as high power density of laser beam. Laser beam to the work piece surface, reach melting point or boiling point. At the same time High pressure gas will melt or gasify with coaxial light beam and blown away.

二. The difference of cutting quality

CNC flame cutting machine: dip angle, big heat affectived zone,A large quantity of slag. Need secondary processing.
CNC plasma cutting machine: good dip angle, small heat affectived zone, almost no slag, perfect precision cutting.
Laser cutting machine: nice dip angle, small heat affectived zone, almost no slag, Under the condition of the narrow camber can achieve good to excellent fine cutting effect;

三.The Difference on production capacity

CNC flame cutting machine: slow cutting speed, Preheat time can increase the number of perforated.
CNC plasma cutting machine: very fast cutting speed when Cut the all kind of thickness of the metal materials, extremely fast piercing speed.
Laser cutting machine: Cutting torch can be quick disconnect, improvement of efficiency. Extremely cutting speed when cutting thickness less than 6mm Metal Materials. The thicker the metal, the slower the cutting speed, the thicker the metal, the longer time the piercing.

四.The difference of the maintances:

CNC flame cutting machine: Usually do the simple maintenance by the plant maintenance team.
CNC plasma cutting machine: Usually do the Proper maintenance by the plant maintenance team.
Laser cutting machine: Need professional and technical personnel to complete complex maintenance work.

五.The differences of cost.

Laser cutting machine is expensive, but it is a high-tech cutting equipment with the highest precision and efficiency.
CNC flame cutting machine, the costs are relatively lower.
CNC plasma cutting machine Use the lowest cost (Each piece calculation)

flame cutting machine


bench type cutting machine


True Hole configuration


Welding Robot:

welding robot solution


Cutting Robot solution:



cutting robot

Fiber laser advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of high precision laser cutting equipment with high precision, fast speed, environmental protection and energy-saving advantages.The fiber laser cutting machine cutting sample’s surface is very smooth. It is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal processing which will be your good metal working partner. CNC Fiber laser cutting machine is more cost-effective than CO2 laser cutting machine.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine is:
1. The laser generator of fiber laser cutting machine is imported IPG lasers or SPI.The service life can be up to 100,000 hours with extremely high stability .China lasers also have good  cost-effetive,IPG SPI ,China lasers are for your choice.
2. The laser beam of CNC fiber laser cutting machine is in high quality with focused smaller spot.So fiber laser cutting machine is more productive and more accurate.
3. The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times than the traditional laser cutting machine after precision adjustment. Fiber laser cutting machine is more energy saving and environmental protection.
4. You don’t need to change much of the parts in fiber laser cutting machine maintenance .So it can reduce the maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.
5. Fiber laser cutting machine is in flexible processing.You just need to design the cutting patterns in the computer.Then it will cutting automatly without manual intervention.

If you have any other question about fiber laser cutting machine ,just feel free to email at :[email protected]
Honeybee will provide you a perfect solutions for high precise cutting.