Customer from Mexico

Lately Honeybee export a unit high precise cnc plasma cutting machine Hypertherm HPR130XD  to Mexico.
It is use Hypertherm True hole technology and helped customer improved work effiency.
Meanwhile to make sure this cnc cutting machine working in good condition,Honeybee send engineer there for training.
Cutomer is very happy with the cutting performance.

CNC plasma cutting machine mexico ture hole cutting

(Machine pictures)

cnc cutting equipment mexico

(Sales manager Sandra with customer)

Hypertherm HPR130XD projetct1 for CNC plasma cutting equipment_副本

(HPR 130XD plasma supply)

Microedgepro built-in shapes Spanish_

(Hypertherm Micro Edge-pro with Hypertherm pronest 2016)

cutting samplesplasma cutting parts

(True hole cutting samples)

China’s first aircraft carrier launches in Dalian China!

China has launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, which will join an existing one bought secondhand from Ukraine, amid rising tensions over North Korea and worries about Beijing’s assertiveness in the South China Sea.

State media said the carrier, designed in China and built in the north-east port of Dalian, was not expected to enter service until 2020.

Its launch follows China’s celebration on Sunday of the 68th birthday of the founding of the Chinese navy, and it comes amid renewed tensions between North Korea and the United States over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was bought as an incomplete Soviet vessel, the Varyag. It was towed to China and refitted, undertaking its first sea trials in 2011 and since then taking part in patrols of the South China Sea.


If you want any CNC plasma laser or welding equipment,just contact to us-Dalian Honeybee CNC equipment Co.,LTD


plasma cutting machine

AM 100iC wh_副本


Notification for Spring Festival

China spring

Dear customers:

Thanks for your support during 2016.We wish you and your family have a happy and peaceful time,also business boom in year 2017.
We will be on holiday from 25th/January to 8th/February,2017 for our traditional holiday -China Spring Festival.
For urgent matter, kindly contact me at our mobile+86 15940816686 or email to [email protected] or [email protected]
Thanks and have a wonderfully great day ahead!

Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving is coming .

Thanks for all the customers of us,thanks for giving support to our company in the last year.

Without your effort we can not be made “Honeybee” a famous brand.

Meanwhile we also thanks for all the stuff of the “Honeybee”,with your hard working and insistance “Honeybee”

can be a longevity emterprise.

We make excessive demands for the present and think creatively for the future

Being as lovely clever as a hummingbird with no lack of wisdom like the great sea

From the clear call of users to each nod in smile

We keep improving and growing jointly

The people of Dalian Honeybe who always pursue excellence

Set up the wing of dream with action





The big event for Honeybee CNC-21th Essen Fair in Beijing

 On June 6.14-6.17. Honeybee CNC attended the 21th Essen Fair in Beijing- the biggest and

most professional Welding and Cutting Fair in the world.

Essen welding and cutting fair

As the leader of innovative company in China cutting industry, Honeybee CNC launched three new type cutting machines: Optimus, Wheeljack and Jetstar.

Optimus is a special designed Table CNC Cutting Machine. It adopts belt pulleys to get hard synchro for both Y axis, which realized electrical part and mechanical part synchronized movement. Its running speed up to 36m/min, which can make small current plasma also enjoy marking function, like big plasma.

plasma cutting machine

Wheeljack is an economical Table CNC Cutting Machine with a dust exhaust work table, only need connect a blower, the cutting fume will disappear. Water tank table is optional.

cnc plasma cutting machinery

Jetstar is a powerful Gantry CNC Cutting Machine with big cutting size (W-0.4m, L-0.8m), track span up to 6m, can be equipped with any small or big plasma source.

cnc plasma cutting equipment

Customers from home and abroad visited Honeybee CNC Booth W1410, showed their interests in the new types of cutting machines.

Honeybee CNC performed well on the Fair. Our staff will work harder and harder, invent more machines to make our customers to get more profit.



team girl

Our Team- dynamic girl




Very popular new machine- Optimus

Our Valued India customer visiting we Honeybee

On May 4th, two India customers visited Honeybee factory and checked Honeybee Gantry CNC Cutting Machines. After simple instruction, two customers can operate the Gantry CNC Cutting Machines themselve easily. They admired Honeybee CNC machines’ easy operation and friendly interface. Later they visited Honeybee Portable CNC Cutting Machine factory, where is the ESAB Crossbow producing site. Honeybee CNC become ESAB’S OEM from 2012 after close negotiation and strict factory inspection. Up to now, about 600 sets of Crossbow Portable CNC Cutting Machines made by Honeybee CNC and distributed by ESAB all over the world.


In Honeybee Portable CNC Cutting Machine factory, The two customers interested in Honeybee Heavy Duty Portable CNC Cutting Machine very much. It can cut size 2500mm width by 3400mm length(length can be extended), double cutting modes, equip big plasma up to 200A. This cutting size is much more bigger than normal portable CNC cutting machines, moreover, it can equip bigger plasma up to 200A.


India market is eager for Portable CNC Cutting Machines. ESAB Crossbow has made good marketing and Crossbow is very popular since 2012. With same quality and size, Honeybee Portable CNC Cutting Machines are also very popular here.


Meanwhile customer is very interested in our laser cutting machine,we are discussing the laser cuttting machine bussiness,and hope laser cutting machine machine will bring customer more value.

crossbow cutting machine

portable cnc cutting machine