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What’s The Difference Between The Single-mode And Multimode Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the core component in laser cutting machine, has a great influence on cutting effect of laser cutting machine .When choosing a laser cutting machine, need to consider what is the mode of module integration of fiber laser?

Module composition is divided into single mode and multimode fiber laser, in cutting applications, focused light spot has a great influence on the quality of cutting , single-mode laser fiber core is thinner, beam quality is better than that of multimode, energy distribution is gaussian distribution, center area has thehighest energy density , three-dimensional figure is in a shape of round mountains.

The fiber core of multimode laser is thicker than that of single module, but the beam quality is a little worse compared with the single mode, the energy distribution is a little more average than single-mode light spot, the three-dimensional image looks like a inverted cup, looking from the edge of a steepness, it’s more steep than that of the single mode .


Taking 1.5 KW single mode and 1.5 KW multi-mode comparing,

The cutting speed of single-module for 1mm sheet is 20% higher than multimode, visual effect is the same, but when it starts from 2 mm, the speed advantage decline gradually, starting from the 3 mm, the advantages of speed and effect of high power multimode becames obvious,as shown below:


So the advantage of the single mode is in thin sheet, multimode in thick plate, there’s no value to compare the advantages of single-mode and multimode ,which as configuration of fiber laser, it is just like a car, the car is suitable for highway, SUV is for mountain, but the car also can run mountain, and SUV can also run road, so whether to choose multimode fiber laser or single mode fiber laser depends on the processing requirements of actual terminal customers.

How to choose single-mode or multi-mode?

From the point of power level to distinguish, laser within 1000w mainly processing thin sheet because of the energy in itself is not high, therefore, laser less than 1 kw with single mode configuration is in line with market actual situation, more than 1 kw power laser for all thickness of sheet.From the whole processing industry, the improvement of processing quality is a rigid demand, can’t compromise, so a lot of high power laser modles would not consider single mode, the processing quality must be guaranteed first!

At the same time, the single mode fiber core is generally thin, in which means that the same power laser transmission, light energy of single mode fiber core carrying more,it is a test on the material .When cutting high anti-material at the same time, high intensity of reflected light and shoot laser overlay, if fiber material lack of tolerance will be very easy to cook “core”,  it’s also a challenge to the life of fiber core material at the same time! So many laser manufacturers still choose multimode configuration in high power fiber laser configuration!

Factors to Consider While Buying Plasma Cutting Machine and Its Benefits

Plasma cutting machines are used by a number of industries to cut steel or other metals of different thickness. There are several companies selling such machines in the market at different price points and all of them advertise about their quality and affordability. However, plasma cutters don’t come cheap and you should consider a number of factors before finalizing the purchase. While inspecting various offerings by different companies, pay attention to the following factors to take a wise decision.

Thickness of metal items you wish to cut- The first thing you need to decide is how much thick metals you are going to cut. This is crucial because plasma cutting machines are rated for their capability to cut metal with different thickness, precise cutting edge and also amperage. If you are planning to cut very thick materials frequently, opt for a lower amperage machine.

Choose maximum cutting speed- Read the seller’s description of cutting speed/ inch per minute. If you are not so worried about thickness and time is more valuable to you, select a model with high amperage so that you can do your job faster.

Portability- If your company is involved in a business which requires you to carry the plasma cutting machine quite often, weight and size are two important factors for you. Not only does it need to be lightweight for faster moving but it should also be compact so that you can work in small, closed areas.

CNC software- A good plasma cutting machine is controlled by CNC software. The software lets you control the plasma torch and cutting measurement, speed etc. Therefore, you must make sure that the accompanying software of your chosen machine is user-friendly and reliable.

Efficiency to withstand dust and smoke- While slicing something, these machines generate lots of smoke and dust. Therefore, you should talk with the vendor about your selected device’s capability to work in such a messy condition. After all, you don’t want to spend money in servicing to clean the dust collected by the device.

Motor- The motor of a plasma cutting machine is its heart. These machines can come with two type of motors- Servo or Steeper. Experienced professionals say that Servo motor is better because it can move to almost infinite amount of positions.

The machine design- Before you decide the design of your plasma cutting machine, take a look at the design of the table.

People using Oxyfuel metal cutting machines may argue that they already have a gadget for their work, so why invest in plasma cutting machines? Well, there are a number of advantages and here are some of them.

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The 22th Beijing Welding & cutting fair

The  top 2 world welding and cutting fair——Beijing Welding & cutting fair will held in Shanghai from Jun27-Jun30,2017.
We Honeybee booth number is E7736We will launch 3 new model automatic robot:
1.Cross type automatic welding machine.
2.AGV welding robot.
3. Self moving model robot .
New model machine will improve your work effciency much.
We are very looking forward to see you here to talking about our new model robot.
22th welding and
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Three main laser cutting technology

In recent years, innovative laser technology makes people the advantages of laser cutting aluminum were assessed, the laser cutting process can be faster processing consistency of parts, it is higher than the efficiency of conventional machining, laser cutting technology will greatly reduce machining time and production costs.

Currently on the market can cut aluminum laser cutting equipment is divided into three categories, namely carbon dioxide laser cutting machinetting , fiber laser cumachine, lamp-pumped laser cutting machine.

Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, its carbon dioxide laser wavelength 10.64um, more easily absorbed by the non-metallic, high-quality cut can be wood, acrylic, PP, glass and other nonmetal materials. However, when cutting aluminum, copper, silver, high-reflective material, the loss of most of the energy is reflected, resulting in greatly reduced practicality machine. CO2 laser and photoelectric conversion rate of only about 10% of the replacement aspect nitrogen supply, electricity consumption, cooling systems and other ancillary costs consume enormous, and its cutting aluminum can cut to a thickness of only 3mm, making the most cutting aluminum discourage customers .

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of international development of new fiber lasers,
space-saving and gas consumption more than carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, wavelength 1.06um is also more suitable for cutting metal materials. Available today is mainly IPG fiber laser continuous light laser, reliable quality, but expensive, but it can compete with lasers few manufacturers, which makes the price of the fiber laser machine has been high. And if a laser fiber is damaged, it must replace the entire laser, so maintenance costs are also hesitated to let the needs of customers.

In contrast YAG laser cutting machine, the same wavelength is 1.06um, very suitable for metal cutting, and YAG laser technology has been widely recognized by the international community and the use of quite long maturity of laser technology, the characteristics of the laser beam quality and pulse, is suitable for metal cutting process materials, high energy efficiency. While the low purchase and use costs, but also to more and more customers in droves.

YAG laser cutting machine on the market today are numerous, as countless manufacturers are, in many YAG laser cutting machine manufacturer, the real aluminum material manufacturers can be cut number is not much, but the few manufacturers capable of cutting aluminum material in blowing air only able to cut aluminum, while the cutting speed and accuracy comparable to high-power and fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers are even scarcer.
Honeybee is foucus on CNC cutting machines for many years,as market requirement.we release fiber laser cutting machines since 2015 regarded the strengh of the industry by CNC cutting.

Provide high quality fiber laser cutting machines,Honeybee CNC will always go with you!


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Some tips in Laser cutting

Tips of laser cutting : Adjustment of focus,speed,and power.

Focus adjustment is depends on the thickness of the plate.

Stainless steel :

1. Focus upper, the cutting surface more bright.
2.Focus lower, the cutting surface of the more rough.
3.The possible reason of hard hanging burr on bottom surface: focus is too high, speed is too slow or the pressure is too small.
4.The possible reason of soft hanging burr on bottom surface: focus too low, speed is too fast, the pressure is too small or the power is too high.
5.Fail to cut through: Focus is not in correct height, power is too low or speed is too fast.

Carbon steel:

1.The possible reason of hard hanging burr on bottom surface: focus is too low, speed is too fast or the pressure and power is too small.
2.The possible reason of rough cutting surface: focus is too high, the pressure is too high, and power is too high or the problem of material.

Honeybee CNC Laser perseveres in continued excellence in optical R&D, eternal original cutting process technique as its forever target to keep its leading position in laser cutting field and exerts more potential on application fields. All the customer demands from different fields & industrial can be satisfied by Honeybee’ solid technologies, perfect performing machines, professional staffs and sincere services.