Promotion for portable cutting machine

Do you want to make more money in 2019? Do you want to buy a better machine at a lower price? Look this:
Promotion for our protable plasma and flame model cutting machine:Buy five and get one free
You can use plasma to cut metal sheets no more than 20mm and flame to cut thick sheets.
Effective cutting area:1500x3000mm
We are OEM for ...
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Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine

Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine:


1, the air pressure is too low or too high, adjust the air pressure;

2. Burn the electrode or nozzle in the torch, replace the electrode or nozzle;

3, input AC voltage is too low, adjust the input voltage

4, cutting ground and workpiece contact is not bad, re-clamping or replacement

5, cutting movement speed is too slow, adjust the cutting speed

6, spark discharge electrical appliances can not automatically break the arc, normal discharge 0.5s, ...

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Troubleshooting of Portable CNC plasma cutting machines

9.5 CNC Controller Troubleshooting

Fault Symptoms Fault Check Fault Analysis Recommended Solutions
Suddenly breakdown in normal operation Always stop at the same position in every operation cycle a. Machining program at fault

b. CNC software at fault

Dispatch the software back to the manufacturer for professional troubleshooting.
The system still runs but the cutting torch stops abnormally along all axes or one axis. a The travel motor is locked.

b The travel motor fails.

Check if the machine is frozen and ...
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Usually troubleshooting of laser cutting engraving system

1)The laser is on and off at work    
1.Check whether the water cycle is ok
2.whether the supply voltage is stabilize
Method :
1.Clean the water tank and water pump,clear the pipe
2.Add voltage stabilize to power supply

2)Theonline data can’t be disposed
1.whether the communication cable is connected
2.whether the software USB is  installed
Method :
1.Shutdown and reconnect the cable
2.Reinstall the software and USB drive

3)Processing size does not  consistent with software set
1.Install the software
2.Adjust action
1.install the ...

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What are the differences between plasma,flame and laser cutting

一. Difference on conception

CNC Flame cutting machine: it is a type cutting equipment that use gas with oxygen or gasoline in metal materials with oxygen cut.
CNC plasma cutting machine: a type cutting methods that use high temperature plasma arc quantity of heat to make the metal parts of the work piece slit or partial melting (and evaporation), and borrow the plasma momentum ruled out a molten metal to form a incision.
Laser cutting machine: emit the laser from optical ...

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Fiber laser advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of high precision laser cutting equipment with high precision, fast speed, environmental protection and energy-saving advantages.The fiber laser cutting machine cutting sample’s surface is very smooth. It is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal processing which will be your good metal working partner. CNC Fiber laser cutting machine is more cost-effective than CO2 laser cutting machine.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine is:
1. The laser generator of fiber laser cutting ...

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