Updates for Economical Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

We updated the Economical Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine in 3 parts:
1st, Cross beam material, use more durable steel cross beam to replace the aluminum alloy one.
2nd, Rack: use helical tooth rack to replace the straight tooth rack.
3rd, Separate torch trolleys, when use oxy-fuel cutting, put the plasma torch holder to another end, thus protects the plasma torch and prolongs its life. ...
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How to deal with the rusty water worktable for metal cutting?

Many manufacturers use water worktable for cnc plasma cutting machine to reduce the smoke and dust. But they will also find the water cnc plasma table get rusty soon.
How to deal with the rusty water worktable? Below is some tips for cnc metal cutting machine owners or operators.
1. Use rust-proof base coat, and the paint film thickness shall not be less than 150um; (Spray once with a thickness of about 80um, and generally spray twice)
2. Pay attention not to destroy ...
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Promotion for portable cutting machine

Do you want to make more money in 2019? Do you want to buy a better machine at a lower price? Look this:
Promotion for our protable plasma and flame model cutting machine:Buy five and get one free
You can use plasma to cut metal sheets no more than 20mm and flame to cut thick sheets.
Effective cutting area:1500x3000mm
We are OEM ...
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Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine

Causes and solutions of arc instability of plasma cutting machine:


1, the air pressure is too low or too high, adjust the air pressure;

2. Burn the electrode or nozzle in the torch, replace the electrode or nozzle;

3, input AC voltage is too low, adjust the input voltage

4, cutting ground and workpiece contact is not bad, re-clamping or replacement

5, cutting movement speed is too slow, adjust the cutting speed

6, spark discharge electrical appliances can not automatically break the arc, normal discharge 0.5s, ...

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