About Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal Description

Product Application


1. Open worktable, easy to load the material and can work with customized automatic matching system.

2. With small size, high speed, long working life, flexible installation, etc.

3. Low power consumption, high beam quality, etc.

4. Fast processing speed, is the traditional marking machine six times.

5. Electro optical conversion efficiency is high, the power consumption is less than 500 W.

6. Marking software is powerful and compatible Coreldraw/Auto CAD.


1. Long lifespan fiber laser source: 100,000 hours.

2. Board adopts EZCAD interference, the stability is stronger.

3. USB interfaces swift and stable transmission.

4. Low consumption: <400 W, more economized and environmental.

5. Strong Compatibility: TTF Font, SHX, BMP, DXF, AI, PLT, etc..

6. High Precision: Up to 0.005 mm, bring you the fantastic and satisfied marking effect.

7. Without any maintenance, air-cooled.

8. The lift platform adopts the lead screw and double guide rail, and is more stable, and the lifting height is 550 mm.

You can click here to check it :https://cloud.video.alibaba.com/play/u/2153292369/p/1/e/6/t/1/d/hd/343451902506.mp4


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