Water film protection for aluminum cutting

Aluminum is easy Oxy-Genated when it in hot temperater,so when customers use plasma cutting for it.Aluminum need special protection.

Victor UC-300 is a kind of plasma that use water film technology for aluminum cutting to avoid its oxy-genated.

The new Ultra-Cut XT technology provides the next generation of higher productivity, increased
flexibility and confidence in high precision plasma cutting. Their performance will meet or beat
anyone on mild steel, and they are superior on non-ferrous metals. With the ability to grow
with ...

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DHHI is PCCC certificated

Recently, DHHI is PCCC certificated by Electric Energy (Beijing) Product Certification Center. This certificate plays a key qualification assurance role for further expanding the market share of DHHI for its leading products "car dumper" and "compact bucket-wheel stacker & reclaimer" in the electric power industry.
From July 14-17, three experts from the Audit Team of Electric Energy (Beijing) Product Certification Center made an on-site verification and audit for DHHI. During the course of audit, the products to be certificated were ...

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Extended-Reach Air Plasma Torches

Hypertherm introduced a new “long” air-plasma torch model for extended-reach cutting and robotic torch operations. The plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting developer said the new Duramax Hyamp torches (an expansion of its Powermax air plasma torches) are available in two lengths and with two torch head angles.

Hypertherm designs and manufactures cutting products for use in shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair, among other industries. Its products incorporate CNC motion and height controls, CAM nesting software, and consumables.

For hand-held cutting the ...

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